About ElderlyWise

We are here to encourage and enlighten family to engage in assuring for their elderly parents’ future care.

We are bringing this to light because MANY PEOPLE:

  • ASSUME their parents will be fine financially
  • Have not given much thought about WHO will care for their elderly family
  • Underestimate the rising COSTS of senior care
  • Do NOT have the necessary PAPERWORK in order

Are not on the HIPPA forms to discuss medical matters with the Drs.

Have no idea what friendly SCAMMERS their parents may be talking to

Do not know what type of INSURANCE their elderly family has

Do not know how ELDERLY care will be paid for


Blonde Senior woman covers her mouth with help of hands and looks on camera with shock in eyes.


I wish I would have known what I know now.  😦 Thats why I share our story.  

Procrastination and Avoidance are Enemies.

Here is what happened:

My elderly father was living independently, but I could see his judgement declining on my weekly visits.  I frequently had to intervene when he would forget to eat or take his diabetes medicine.  When I would bring up going to Assisted Living, the conversation was always cut short.   I did not know how to push through this awkward topic.  Meanwhile, he started talking to a new girlfriend on Facebook, who wanted to be his wife.  He believed she was in Nigeria settling her father’s estate then she would come to join Dad and they would live happily ever after.  He missed all the warning signs, due to his blind loneliness and declining judgement.

He was given very clear instructions from the scammers not to talk about his relationship with them or all the money that he was sending to them regularly.   They texted him very flowery, love messages about how much they loved him and could not wait to be his wife.   He did not notice that Lola, the name that the scammers gave his fictitious wife, had actually 3 different voices in text.   One was super sappy and sweet, one voice was must more curt and could not spell very well, and then one in between the 2 extremes.  

My father was a medical corp Navy Veteran, who evolved into a highly decorated officer due to his high intelligence and bravery in serving our country.  What we failed to realize is that he was lying to us and tricking us into believing that he was not longer communicating with the scammer wife.


When it came down to it:

  • I had to take over his affairs.
  • I became Conservator – Someone responsible for his assets.
  • I became Guardian – Someone responsible for his welfare.
  • I froze his credit, seized his assets, confiscated his guns and made him very, very angry!
  • It was uncomfortable, painful and tragic.
  • In his warped eyes, I took away his money and his wife.

I feel if I had gotten involved earlier, this whole horrible scene could have been avoided.

I don’t beat myself up too bad because I had no idea how aggressive scammers are and no idea on how good a liar Dad could be.

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